Has E3 2015 Been Spoiled?

Every year game developers from the industry converge in Los Angeles for a few days for no other reason than to show off what they have cooking up in their mad gaming laboratories. But after all the leaked information and early reveals, are there any surprises left for E3 this year? With the biggest show of the year only a few days away, usually gamers are gearing up and preparing themselves for the biggest game announcements for the next year but it seems as E3 Christmas has come early this year.

With news like this, will some of the show be watered down due to all the huge announcements getting leaked or revealed early? Games like Metal Gear Solid V had previews that revealed new game content, Fallout 4 was confirmed and announced early, the Nathan Drake Collection was announced for PS and Dark Souls III was leaked, all before their expected announcement at E3. It’s not like these games are small announcements either; they are the biggest announcements that many gamers have been waiting for and now when they’re fully revealed at E3, it won’t have the same effect as if they were freshly announced.


All of these leakages and announcements had just about happened in the short span of no more than a week, and unfortunately, our leaky boat isn’t done spewing yet. Sony is currently running a sweepstakes that has listed the PS4 as having a cost of $349 with the PS Vita having one of $89 MSRP. European retailers have listed a new Xbox One with a new Xbox One controller with a 3.5MM headphone jack, later confirmed by Microsoft. Some, if not all, of these leaks will be receiving some stage time during E3, and like a child who peeked at his Christmas gifts, the gaming community will pretend we’re surprised by these “reveals” even though all over the internet there is list upon list of confirmed games that will make appearances at the show. So now the question is, what will be there we don’t already know about?

If there was anything big left to announce, we wouldn’t know about them and we wouldn’t want to know about them. With the current trend of leaks, it surely seems like we don’t have nearly as much in store for us come E3 time as we once did before the rupture in our E3 boat that set sail early a few weeks ago. There is still some hope, yet with the new additions to the show, like PC having its first ever E3 press conference, along with publishers like Bethesda and Square. This could still have the potential to be the best E3 we have had in years, regardless of the various leaks, as Nintendo, Team ICO and Rare still haven’t shown their cards yet.

With so many publishers and developers tossing their hat in the ring with their own press conferences, we can almost expect that there won’t be any playing around this year with big elaborate shows or A-list celebrities coming on stage for a strange dance number for filler. Like the conferences from last year, gamers can be confident that this year will be just as good if not better than the last, as the companies arriving to the show will be making the show nothing but games.

Lets take a moment and try to imagine docking into E3 2015 without knowing that Fallout 4 was going to debut or that Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection would actually be a thing. What if we were told on stage about upcoming console and model price drops; it would have been one rare and legendary E3. It still could hold the potential of being one, but with every sprung leak in our E3 boat, but the odds are not ever in our favor.