Home Improvisation: Full of Furniture Fun

Chances are at some point in your life you’ve been faced with a box full of bits and bobs that supposedly make up some sort of usable piece of furniture. Perhaps in the end you presented a somewhat accurate representation of what the furniture was supposed to be, or perhaps not. Either way, the thought of how much fun you were having likely never crossed your mind.

So when you hear about a game called Home Improvisation that is about putting together modular furniture, you’re probably wondering why anyone would make such a thing. Well, it’s actually strangely entertaining, as hard as that may be to believe.

If you thought normal modular furniture was an impossible puzzle, say hello to Home Improvisation‘s modular furniture. Each box has only an image of the assembled piece on it, which is taken away as soon as you open it. And there are no instructions. None at all.

You’ll very quickly begin to forget what your finished piece was supposed to look like. Your first couple of endeavors will result in a monstrosity that would make children cry. It takes patience — and a lot of it — to make anything that even looks passably like a piece of furniture.

That probably doesn’t sound like fun, and for some people it probably isn’t. But if you’re the type to relish a challenge, or the kind of person who likes to flex their creative muscles, I think you’ll find you quite like it. In fact, taking modular furniture and creating new pieces with them is a real hobby.

You don’t actually have to try and make anything that looks like the image on the box; you’re free to spread your wings and let your imagination take flight. Armed with a toolbox that will allow you to glue, paint, drill holes and add new pegs, the possibilities are literally endless.

If the only thing you feel you’re missing is the helping hands of a friend, Home Improvisation provides that too. With local co-op currently available and online in the plans, you have have a whole lot of helping hands. Or sabotaging hands, depending on the person you opt to play with.

Currently there are two game modes: form and function. In form, you’re presented with different rooms in a house to fill with your very own modular creations. The Living Room, Dining Room and Basement are currently the three available spaces. Each will give you a variety of different furniture to build related to the room you’re in. As you finish each piece (for better or worse), you’ll be given a new box to tackle. In Function, you’ll be given goals to obtain using modular pieces, such as building the tallest trophy cabinet possible.

The controls are surprisingly intuitive and fairly easy to pick up, but difficult to master. You have your option of mouse and keyboard or a controller and will likely find one or the other more suited to your play style.

In Home Improvisation you’re only limited by your creativity and your patience. The game is in Early Access so you can expect there will be much more to it in the future. It’s shaping up to be a unique and intriguing concept.