Hyrule Warriors is Coming to 3DS, Featuring Wind Waker Characters

The Legend of Zelda series’ mussou spinoff Hyrule Warriors is apparently headed to 3DS, according to an unlisted video on Koei Tecmo’s YouTube channel. While much of the game appears unchanged from the Wii U original released last September, the video reveals that fan-favorite characters Tetra and The King of Hyrule will be playable in the handheld version. The video also shows off a new character-switching mechanic that allows players to switch between multiple warriors on the fly.

Judging from the box art towards the end of the video, Hyrule Warriors will not be a New 3DS exclusive. It will, however, communicate with the Wii U version, likely to transfer character content and the like. No release info was offered in the video, but it’s safe to expect Nintendo will speak officially about the game at E3 next week. Until then, enjoy the trailer below: