Atlus Announces ‘The Deadly Tower of Monsters’ for PS4 and PC

Atlus has just announced the release of The Deadly Tower of Monsters for PC and PS4. The newest downloadable title from ACE Team and Atlus, the game is an action-based adventure oozing with B-movie charm. Gaze at the incredible realism Monsterama vision provides for all the Nuclear Ants, Lizard Men and the countless other enemies you’ll face.

The single-player adventure has another fun mechanic — the player’s progress up the tower stays visible the entire time the player climbs far into the reaches of outer space. Not to mention all the enemies that can climb/fly up the tower to attack you from below; and hey – sometimes if you get stuck, the only way up is to fall down – freefall that is. Embrace gravity and freefall to find new paths, explore hidden areas, or if you just really miss terra firma.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters will be released this fall. Check out the debut trailer and screenshots below: