Mean Girls is Now Free-to-Play on iOS

The Mean Girls mobile game was released at the beginning of the year and it’s now gone full-on free-to-play on iOS devices. It’s basically a tower defense game with movie quotes and those lovable Mean Girls characters mixed in. It’s perfect for those who miss the early 2000’s when teens were always so catty, cliquey and obviously mean. In fact, the movie has been so iconic that it’s spawned Plastics in the decade since its release, and we’re still dealing with these bullies in school.

For those of you that paid for the app in the past, and we’re sorry you had to, you’ll receive a school ID card which retains all those perks from buying the game. You’ll get things like extra levels and no in-game advertisements, which is certainly a nice touch from the developers. The free tower defense game has movie trivia in its levels, and it apparently takes a lot of hard-thinking strategies to beat.

You can view its original launch trailer below and download it now and as always, it’s so fetch.