Angry Birds are Looking for a Fight

Not only are ruthless avian creatures invading Sonic games, they’re looking to take some aggression out on each other. A new game has just been launched by Rovio called Angry Birds Fight! and while it does feature some combat, it’s definitely more of a puzzle game.

Angry Birds Fight! is a match three title where you swap birds around until they line up. Each time you do this, you’ll gain stats for the fighting portion of the game; in addition, there are also items to equip to give yourself an advantage. This is all happening in real-time, so you’re actually playing against someone somewhere in the world. Check out the action in their trailer below.

Angry Birds has been a global phenomenon for years, even celebrities have been into it. Watch movie and television star Ian Ziering taking the Angry Birds brand all the way to Japan in their ad for the app. While you’re at it, check out Angry Birds Fight! on iTunes or Google Play.