My Zoo Vet Practice 3D Available Now on 3DS eShop

Who do you call if all the animals in the zoo are sick and have boo-boos? You could call in a veterinarian or just fire up your Nintendo 3DS and play My Zoo Vet Practice 3D to cure them all yourself. If you’re into curing sore throats and fevers plaguing our furry and feathered friends, then this is the perfect title for you

Treva Entertainment has put together this little animal care simulator for players to keep zoos in tip-top shape. Examine and treat lions, giraffes, tigers, penguins and more while gaining knowledge about each of them. If you or your children dream of becoming a veterinarian you can skip all those college classes and student loans* and just buy this game for only $4.99 on the 3DS eShop.

*Hardcore Gamer is not responsible for any players who use this game as a replacement for actually learning about animals if they choose to apply to and/or work for any pet and animal health clinic and are sued for malpractice.