Poly Bridge Coming to Steam Early Access Later This Month

There’s a handful of bridge building games out there, and they’re surprisingly fun, but also fairly dry most of the time. Poly Bridge looks to allow for some pretty sweet bridge building with an air of humor about it.

Along with constructing solid, large bridges to allow for heavy vehicles to cross you’ll also be able to do wacky stuff. An example of this in the trailer was a monster truck careening off a bridge and then bouncing off a strategically-positioned hot air balloon to (almost) make it over the gap.

Developer Dry Cactus is bringing Poly Bridge to Early Access while they add more levels as well as clear up pesky bugs. They’ve also got to finalize Steam Workshop integration as well as their sandbox mode. A price has yet to be announced but on June 30 you’ll be able to nab Poly Bridge on either Steam or Humble Store.