YouTube to Launch Exclusive Gaming Site

Google likes to be a part of everyone’s online experience and now they’re entering the game streaming sphere. This summer they’ll be launching YouTube Gaming.

YouTube Gaming will be extremely similar to sites like Twitch and Azubu. You can stream any game you like and those games will all have their own hubs for viewers to easily find. You can follow select streamers just like you can on the other sites, and also receive recommendations about other streamers to watch.

So how is it different? Well just like with previous live streams everything will be in 60fps, there will be a DVR function presumably straight to your YouTube page, and in doing so your video will automatically become a YouTube video so no need to transfer it from another site. This will also be a separate site from YouTube. So when you search for something it will all be gaming related and won’t be the usual YouTube muck.

YouTube will be at E3 and if you’re watching from home you can get an early look at what this will all look like here. For more updates you can sign up to be notified about the site here and follow their Twitter page here.