E3 2015: Bethesda Shows Off Oodles of Fallout 4 Gameplay

After talk of there being no E3, CES, and of all things porn, Bethesda finally showed us what we all tuned in and waited years for, Fallout 4 gameplay.

Bethesda’s sole reason for creating a press conference this year was to finally show off a hefty amount of Fallout 4 gameplay in one showing rather than having to have Todd Howard demonstrate the same hour of gameplay over and over again. Unlike its predecessors, Fallout 4 starts out before the bombs fell and immediately thrusts you into character creation. From there the demo skipped the vault area in order to not reveal any story details, and showed off the world over 200 years later.

The demo was seemingly shown on an Xbox One (or a PC with an Xbox One controller, as some developers have been known to do) and it certainly looked and ran great, minus a little stuttering that took place