E3 2015: Mii Fighter Costumes Include Virtua Fighter, Tekken and New amiibo Figures

We already knew about Mii Fighter getting Splatoon costumes and Mega Man but they’re getting some unexpected outfits. Characters Jacky and Akira are the only two being released so far. They’ve missed out on hand-to-hand combat but now they’re sort of back. They’ll be priced at $.75 each for Wii U and 3DS versions.

Another fighter’s costume comes in from the Tekken franchise. Heihachi will also be wearable as he was introduced along with Ryu. Three legendary fighting franchises come together in Smash Bros. They’re all available to purchase today!


Along with those come Mii Fighter amiibos. All three, the brawler, gunnerĀ and swordfighter are getting their own figures in only a couple of months, this September. They can even be customized when being used within the game. These Mii characters are getting a lot of love nowadays, they’ve quietly turned into a force to be reckoned with.