E3 2015: New Mario Maker Footage Debuts at Nintendo World Championships Finals, Now Called Super Mario Maker

As many predicted, Mario Maker was indeed the final game played at the 2015 Nintendo World Championships. However, Nintendo subtly revealed it had slightly changed the game’s title. Henceforth Mario Maker shall be known as Super Mario Maker, and the new footage debuted today clearly shows why that new adjective is warranted. The two Nintendo World Championships finalists, Cosmo and John Numbers, both played four levels designed by Nintendo’s Treehouse experts, each dedicated to a different Mario art style.

The stages showed off more of the insane, challenging, and endlessly surprising level design Nintendo has shared in small doses since the game’s initial announcement at last year’s E3. Some new elements shown for the first time include connecting levels types via pipes, multiple Bowsers per level, and a multitude of new powerups. There’s a lot to take in, so do yourself a favor and watch the video below as many times as you need: