E3 2015: Splatoon Kicks Off the Nintendo World Championships

The Nintendo World Championships kicked off today with Splatoon in a best-of-three Turf War battle. One of the only two games confirmed to make an appearance before the beginning of the competition, it was the first time Splatoon had been played in a competitive setting since its release on May 29.

The 16 competitors were split into four four-person teams to compete for automatic qualification for the second round of the Championships. Each match between theĀ first set of teams was played at Walleye Warehouse, one of the first playable maps in the game and a fairly confined arena. It made for a series of tense, unpredictable matches that eventually saw the blue team emerge as victors. The second set of teams clashed at Saltspray Rig in a much more lopsided set of matches dominated by the green team.

The players on each winning team moved immediately on to Stage 2, while the losers were cast into the Underground, an elimination round that saw each player racing to finish the first dungeon of the original Legend of Zelda for a chance at redemption.