E3 2015: Todd Howard Hints at More Mobile Devices for Fallout Shelter

During the Bethesda Showcase, Bethesda Game Studios’ Todd Howard announced a new mobile game based on the Fallout franchise. It’s a mobile game called Fallout Shelter and puts you in charge of the entire vault as overseer. While Howard was debuting the app, he mentioned it would only be coming to iOS devices.

However, after the show, he sat down with Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb and mentioned the Pip Boy replica, “holds all the popular smart phones.” This is a clear indication Android and other mobile devices will support the Fallout 4 second screen application. In addition to that slip of the tongue comes a tweet from Bethesda employee Pete Hines mentioning an announcement coming soon about Android:

Luckily, it seems likely Fallout Shelter won’t only be available on the iOS App Store. This gives the wide range of Fallout fans with other phone brands the opportunity to play Fallout: Shelter. It’s nice to see Bethesda isn’t excluding an entire group of their market. We’ve queued up the section of the stream for you to catch the soon-to-be-official announcement.