E3 2015: Dishonored 2 Officially Revealed

During the first ever Bethesda E3 press conference Smith and Colantonio from Arkane Studios showed off Dishonored 2’s first official announcement trailer. The footage still managed to excite the audience regardless of the accidental and embarrassing broadcast leak during an E3 press conference rehearsal yesterday. During the announcement, gamers were informed that our Dishonored hero Corvo Attano makes a return with new Assassin Emily Kaldwin, who makes her first stealthy appearance on the big screen as a playable character. Emily was the rightful heir to the throne back in the original game.

The trailer goes on to set the stage of a country in the middle of a revolution with a Tyrant at the head of it all. The voice over from The Outsider in the trailer gives off subtle nods to the first game along with the appearance of Corvo’s discarded mask. Bethesda also revealed that players not only have the choice to switch between Corvo and Emily but they also have the choice to play through the entire game without killing a single person.