The Bard’s Tale IV Fully Funded on Kickstarter

On this eve of E3 it’s safe to say that most people have forgotten about anything not related to the massive gaming expo. Luckily, The Bard’s Tale IV Kickstarter launched early enough this month to accrue a ton of funds already.

Now the campaign has finally reached 100% funded with 25 days to go. Reaching the goal is just the start, though Brian Fargo promised to match the $1.25 million funding goal with $1.25 million of his own cash. That means The Bard’s Tale IV has actually now received $2.5 million!

It just makes sense that a classic RPG series such as The Bard’s Tale would be a smashing success on Kickstarter. Although the cheapest early bird tiers are sold out, there’s still some 5000 spots available to nab the game for $20.