E3 2015: Electronic Arts Announces New IP Unravel

Today at Electronic Arts’ E3 Press Conference the massive publisher announced a new a IP it has been working on called Unravel.

Unravel is a puzzle platformer and is an attempt to be more personal than past EA titles have been. The yarn represents love and, throughout the campaign, you’re trying to re-connect the memories of a long lost family, according to the developers. The story is told completely without words and Yarny, the player character, is what ties the family back together.

Yarny is a tiny character made from a single thread of yarn, and as you travel throughout the world Yarny will slowly unravel. You’ll also use your unraveled thread to swing and move through environments inspired by Northern Scandinavia.

Unravel is being developed by a team of 14 called Coldwood, is an exploration-based game and is very physics based. You can watch the first trailer for the Unravel here.