E3 2015: Mass Effect: Andromeda Announced, Features New Galaxy

The latest, Frostbite engine-powered Mass Effect game, known as Mass Effect: Andromeda was announced at EA’s E3 Press Conference today.

Taking place long after the events of Mass Effect 3, Andromeda features a host of many various and beautiful different planets in the Andromeda galaxy, and a ton of exploration therein. Combat looks to perhaps take a more personal and mobile tone with the omni-blade also making a triumphant return. Players look to once again be a male or female human, but not the N7 soldier featured in the announcement trailer.

Additional features present appear to be a jetpack for lateral movement and terrain navigation (also for awesome jump attacks). Not to be missed, there is also a much faster, customizable pimped-out dune buggy which looks like a faster, meaner Mako.

Peek at the announcement trailer straight from E3 below. Mass Effect: Andromeda will be on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in Holiday 2016