E3 2015: Shenmue 3 Comes to Kickstarter

Shenmue 3 is coming to Kickstarter, and when it succeeds, it’ll hit PlayStation 4. Let that sink in for a minute.

The Kickstarter is live right now. Holy Mother of God, how on Earth did this stay secret!? Yu Suzuki is constantly asked by every fan he runs across if Shenmue would ever return, and seeing as the Kickstarter went live on stage at the Sony Press Conference the answer can finally be given as “Now.” Kickstarter seems to have recovered from the flaming ruin Shenmue III’s release inflicted, and can be found here.

Shenmue III is a direct sequel to the 14-year-old Shenmue II.  It’s built using the Unreal 4 engine and has new fighting mechanics, but the open-world exploration and interactivity is returning in full force, with the story picking up right where it left off on the Dreamcast so long ago. The funding goal is set at $2,000,000 and, judging by the reaction, should easily exceed that in record time.  Mere hours after Sony’s Presser, it’s already at over 75% percent of its goal, meaning that funding is inevitable.  So welcome back, Shemue!  We’ve been waiting.