E3 2015: SUPERHOT Never Stops Looking Awesome

It’s been a busy day, with endless reveals, press conferences, revelations, and clarifications.  There’s never been any doubt or confusion about SuperHot, though, because it’s been fantastic since its first playable prototype, inspiring a few tributes and even getting a Quake mod from the developer as an April Fool’s gift.

A new E3 warrants a new trailer, though, and this video shows off how the game is coming along in the year since its Kickstarter completed.  It’s still white and white and red, of course, but the level scenery has become much more detailed and filled with things showing off what they look like when moving in super slow motion.  That chain twisting slowly at 0:11 is a prime example (and is shown off in more detail here), but you can never go wrong with glass shards twinkling as they spin slowly through the air, or a ruby-red head shattered by a bullet.

Check out the video below to see how cool the world looks when time is on your side.