E3 2015: The Irresistible Mystery of Firewatch is on Display in New Trailer

During Sony’s E3 Press Conference, new footage of Campo Santo’s Firewatch was revealed, and my goodness is it beautiful.

The Wyoming wilderness just keeps on going, which is how Henry likes it.  He’s got a firewatch tower and plenty of solitude, and his only companion is a voice on the radio.  It’s a good life for someone feeling determinedly introverted, but even out in the middle of nowhere it’s hard to escape what a giant pain in the ass other people can be.  Something weird is going on, Henry is miles from home, and there’s someone cutting communication lines and setting up shop in his tower. With his supervisor Delilah being his only contact with the world, Henry has to figure out what’s going on while exploring the beautiful wilderness around him.  The new trailer gives a hint of the mysteries involved while also showing off the writing and voice acting that instantly makes Firewatch a story worth paying attention to.