Has Fallout 4 Already Won Game of the Year?

After its insane full reveal at the first ever Bethesda E3 Showcase, Fallout 4 has swept millions of gamers off their feet and took off running with our hearts with the latest iteration of the immensely popular post-apocalyptic RPG. Todd Howard had confessed that they had been working on Fallout 4 since the moment Bethesda Game Studios wrapped up production on Fallout 3 in 2009, and everything we’ve seen seems to make it clear that the game could be the most extensive and customizable open world game to date.

Bethesda didn’t mess around when it came to revealing the seemingly inevitable announcement of Fallout 4, but that didn’t stop the popular publisher from blowing up the stage with a more than impressive showcase demoing the highly anticipated title. Gamers saw everything they needed to place them on the edge of their seats and make their mouths water with thirst for getting their sweaty hands on Fallout 4 and its eagerly anticipated Pip Boy Edition.

Fallout4 concept

Todd Howard showed players that he is handing them the keys to the kingdom with a new robust customization system that allows the player to completely shape the wasteland around them, as almost anything you see within the world can be put to good use. Players can customize their canine friend and partner through the apocalypse along with living quarters, food, water, power generators and weaponry. The more time you spend building up your settlement, the more the living world around you will grow and the more friendly and unfriendly people will come to visit your humble dwellings. One can only imagine the sheer amount of photos and videos we’ll see detailing some of the insane creations that the Fallout 4 player base will come up with once the title launches on November 10.

A Fallout version of tower defense will be a playable distraction in Fallout 4, as players will have the freedom to build settlements defenses for their swellings to stop raiders and other prowlers of the wasteland anywhere throughout Boston. Players will have many options when it comes to defending their forts, but if they want to protect their settlement and its citizens, they will have to take care of it and make it a functional mini society or they’ll be forced to watch it fall apart right in front of them.


There’s also a new crafting system that will allow you to refashion weapons with various sorts of attachments players can now use misc. items that were pointless in Fallout 3 and scrap those items in the world for resources to alter their weapons using mechanisms gathered from the junk discovered out in the wasteland. For example; your long scope can be crafted from an alarm clock, duct tape, and a globe giving players a creative and interesting scavenging component to the game.

The list goes on and on for all the amazing and mind-blowing things gamers will be able to do once they get their hands on Fallout 4 this November The dense customization elements, along with a visually pleasing aesthetic and the over 1000 recorded popular names for use might make Fallout 4 the most detailed game to ever release. If gamers cant wait to strap on a jet pack and cruse around in power armor, Bethesda has released Fallout Shelter, a free mobile game on the App Store, and Bethesda’s Pete Hines has mentioned that, “We will have info later about Android version.” So all you Android users shall not worry, as soon enough you will be able to get your hands on the vault dwelling mobile game as well.


With everything we’ve seen in 2015 so far, as well as the titles that haven’t hit the market yet, it would be a safe bet to say that Fallout 4 will once again not only define the open world gaming genre once again, but it just might continue Bethesda Game Studios’ current trend of churning out consensus game of the year winners. It may have been a long six year wait, but it was worth every minute of it now that we know that Fallout is back and better than ever before.