E3 2015: Capcom Announces New VR Engine With KITCHEN Tech Demo

Capcom has just announced it has built a new game engine built specifically for virtual reality on Sony’s Project Morpheus headset and a tech demo called KITCHEN to show it off.

Capcom describes KITCHEN like this:

A disturbing kitchen provides the unsettling backdrop for a tense scenario that draws players into a hyper-realistic virtual world like never before.

It sounds a little like a grab at the success of P.T., Konami’s terrifying tech demo set in a single hallway for the now-canceled Silent Hills, but you’ll have to be at E3 on the show floor to check it out for now. Just speculation, but maybe it’s a new engine specifically for a Resident Evil virtual reality game. We’ve contacted Capcom for images of KITCHEN and will report back when we hear something.

UPDATE: Capcom let us know that the only asset currently available is the game’s logo, which we’ve updated to be the header for this article.