E3 2015: Fallout 4 PC Mods Could Come to PS4 as Well

On the back of Bethesda and Microsoft’s big announcement that the Xbox One will be getting all mods created for Fallout 4 on PC for free, Bethesda has just confirmed that the mods could come to Sony’s PlayStation 4 as well, but it will take more time.

Game director Todd Howard stated during a presentation that while Microsoft worked with Bethesda to ensure perfect compatibility, “the timetable is fuzzy” for when the PS4 version will get those same mods. That’s pretty standard—and frankly, a cut above—compared to most games on console with a healthy PC modding community, but in the face of Microsoft being able to claim all mods for free on its console, the PS4 comes up short.

The game will release on November 10.