E3 2015: Mighty No. 9 Kicks Mega Man’s Can

After a massively successful Kickstarter campaign, Mighty No. 9 is coming along nicely. Keiji Inafune and Comcept, along with the original Mega Man team, have worked long hours to deliver this game to its loyal fans.

You play as Beck, the ninth in a line of robotic beings, but the first to not be infected with a nasty virus. You’ll be shooting, stunning, dashing and absorbing your way through 12 stages and you’ll battle against 8 big bosses. Instead of destroying every enemy, you actually have to absorb their power and energy. Once the bad guys change color, it’s time to act fast before they regain their original appearance. You have to absorb their power in time; if you don’t, they’ll revive themselves and start attacking you again. It’s a clever mechanic and gives the seemingly classic style an interesting boost of innovation.

After you gain the enemy’s powers and as soon as you stun them, they will give you more points; of course the more points you gain, the higher your final score. It’s going to be one of those features tailored to competitive players, meaning that Mighty No. 9 caters to pretty much every audience. Beck’s design and actions closely resemble Mega Man’s, so old school fans should be able to pick it right up without too many difficulties. In general, Mighty No. 9 is meant to be easily playable but difficult to master. There will be a few different difficulty settings to try, with the hardest called “maniac,” in which you’ll die after receiving one hit from any damage-causing obstacle or enemy.


Beck has to beat all the bosses to advance to the next level, which is extremely similar to the structure of the Mega Man games. You’ll also receive those bosses’ unique skills to use throughout the game, again, much like Mega Man. Some levels require you to use a certain ability to solve puzzles, which should give players additional gameplay depth and replay value. That’s not all: at some point in your progression, you’ll get to play as Beck’s partner, Call. She was created by another doctor and is a pure robot, unlike Beck.

Now, for some fun facts about the game’s development. There was no alcohol consumed by the team during the creation of Mighty No. 9. Using Kickstarter for financial backing made the crowd sourcing site more popular in Japan and has caused more developers there to try it out. The team has actually supplied, and continues to supply, updates every single day since the Kickstarter began. Development on downloadable content began less than a week ago, and it should finish soon after the game comes out.

Mighty No. 9 will launch September 15 in North America and September 18 worldwide. It’s basically coming to every single platform, as it’s hitting Wii U, Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3. The handheld versions for 3DS and PS Vita will release later down the road.