E3 2015: Paranormal Activity is Getting a VR Game [UPDATED]

Paranormal Activity VR has just been announced by the unfortunately named VRWERX and will come out sometime in 2016.

No details about the game were revealed, so it’s probably a safe assumption that the bulk of the gameplay will be you standing over and staring at someone for hours while they sleep, then getting out of there before they wake up. So not that far from my real life.

One interesting detail from VRWERX’s press release amidst all the support it will include for virtually every headset out there, though, is that it that mentions supporting the Xbox One. Check it out:

VRWERX, a division of Beast Media Group dedicated to virtual reality content, is announcing a “Paranormal Activity VR” video game to be released in 2016 for all major head-mounted displays including HTC Vive, Sony’s Project Morpheus, Oculus Rift; PC; mobile; and consoles, including Xbox One and PlayStation® 4.

Now, maybe I’ve missed a story or two out there, but I was under the impression that the Xbox One doesn’t yet support virtual reality. Yes, Microsoft’s HoloLens will apparently one day work on Xbox One since it will be moving to Windows 10 soon, but still, that’s a very curious announcement. Don’t worry—we’ll get to the bottom of it. We’ve contacted VRWERX for clarification and will report back.

UPDATE: VRWERX just got back to us to clarify the Xbox One VR issue. Here’s what they said:

Xbox One announced a partnership with Oculus this week, so as far as VR is concerned we will have a VR and non VR version for Xbox One and PS4. distribution will be for HTC Vive, Oculus, Morpheus and non VR for Xbox One and PS4.

It sounds like that means that the console versions will have versions that don’t require a headset, which makes perfect sense when trying to appeal to a wider market. But all the same, some of the language is still a little unclear, so I’m reaching out to VRWERX again for additional details to clear things up.