E3 2015: Star Wars: Battlefront Leans Heavily on the Battlefield Franchise

Star Wars fans, Battlefront fans and the entire world in general have been asking, no begging, actually more like pleading for a new installment to the Battlefront series. Despite the efforts of 90s gaming monolith LucasArts to create a new installment for the series, they just could not get one out of their revolving doors.

After the mega-corporation Disney shut down LucasArts back in 2013, EA’s very own studio DICE, a team responsible for some of the entries in the popular Battlefield franchise, picked up the Star Wars mantle. Fans of Battlefront were on edge with DICE holding the reins for a new installment, but after the reveal of their Frostbyte game engine at Star Wars Celebration, along with the full gameplay reveal at the EA Press Conference, fans’ uncertainties were finally put to rest.


During E3, Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir, Senior Producer at DICE, talked about how EA got its hands on the Battlefront franchise. It all started when EA noticed that DICE was the obvious choice after it was realized that Battlefront 1 & 2 were quite similar to the Battlefield franchise (so to speak). Handing the project over to DICE would be like the franchise coming home after an extended vacation.

Ingvardottir explained that the multiplayer gameplay on Hoth that was shown during EA’s Press Conference perfectly encompasses players living out their Star Wars fantasies. Walker Assault is an enormous mode that will hold forty players and feature infantry, vehicles, Walkers, Star fighters, Heroes and Villains duking it out during some insane sequences. Players will be able to play iconic Star Wars battles any way they want with a canon bending twist not unlike seeing having Boba Fett take on Luke Skywalker.


When asked about what kind of experiences DICE had taken from Battlefield, Ingvardottir’s face had sunk with a sudden drop of panic. She tried, at first, to dance around the question and found it to be quite difficult, as she then struggled to come up with an “acceptable” answer. However all she ended up doing after a short struggle of roundabout words was merely deflecting the question entirely by simply saying, “Of course there’s a lot that people will recognize, I mean I think, you know in a way DICE is a premier developer of FPS shooters and obviously we bring such a great amount of experience and knowledge to the game.” It’s too early to tell and it’s hard to argue with the gameplay that was revealed this year at E3, but with EA’s track record, it’s easy to be weary of getting burned once again.

Single player features in Star Wars: Battlefront were referred to as single player “experiences,” and the modes that players will be able to dive into alone are trial missions or survival missions. The trial missions will teach the player how to master certain aspects of the game, while survival will send waves of imperil soldiers after you in a horde-style mode. Both single player modes will also allow players to either play alone or with a friend both on or offline.

Fans have been burned by EA games more than once and have come to expect games released by EA developers to feature game-breaking bugs, as well as a lower-quality experience than was initially promised upon announcement. However with this year being dubbed “The Year of Star Wars,” and Disney looming over EA’s shoulder (which might be what the publisher needed all along), players can be filled with optimism that the quality expectations are set rather high for the newest Battlefront installment.