E3 2015: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the Same Deus Ex We Know and Love

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided may be the first installment on current-gen systems for Eidos Montreal’s great series, but it’s sticking to the roots of what made Human Revolution so enjoyable.

Adam Jensen is back, and Mankind Divided takes place 2 years after the turbulent events of Human Revolution. No longer working for Sarif Industries, Jensen is now employed by Interpol in a group called Task Force 29. Changing right along with Jensen is the rest of world, as those who are augmented are now looked upon with scorn and forced to live out their waning existence in Aug-only ghettos. As the title suggests, the world is now more divided than ever and you’re either with the Augmented Rights Coalition or with the rest of the world against them.

The gameplay that was presented starts out with Jensen aboard a plane heading to a massive Augmented ghetto called, Golem City. Here is the home base of the Augmented Rights Coalition and takes place a bit into the game. The demo presented showed the game in its alpha build, and graphically looks impressive. Deus Ex’s style is that opposite of what some games do to show off their graphical capabilities. Instead of lush environments filling us with awe we get dark and completely metallic structures crowded with people and crates. You can still tell, however, that Mankind Divided is leaps and bounds beyond it’s predecessor.


Upon landing, Jensen picks up some EMP pistol ammo and peers around the wall. There’s a camera blocking his progression and, just like before, you can disable it for a time using an EMP shot. The first notable change is shown here when Jensen goes to change his ammo. The camera switches and only the gun is shown in full view with it’s backdrop being whatever location you’re in. Changing ammo can now be done on the fly, and it looks like other customization options are available there too (there are four slots on the gun where changes can be made). Like before, Jensen can attach or detach a silencer, upgrade to a laser sight, change the weapon’s firing pattern and change the gun’ s ammo type. This demo only changed the last option and Jensen quickly peeked around and disabled the camera with a shot.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided still gives you two ways to play, much like the series has for its entire duration. The style presented for the majority of the demo was the usual stealth-only run. Mankind Divided will still give you the challenge of making it through the entire game without killing a single person. After disabling the camera Jensen moves along to the encampment right up the path, where we get to see more of the non-lethal options on display. After sitting in on a conversation you move into the coalition’s storehouse and sneak up on an unsuspecting augmented woman. Here we see the two options for taking care of her presented much like before. By tapping a button you can knock her out and by holding the same button you can kill her. The first option is shown and Jensen turns the woman around punches her in the jaw, spit or some other fluid flies across the screen and she’s out. Another option for stealthily disabling an opponent was shown in the next encounter. Jensen is moving through the area fully cloaked and his battery slowly depleting. He moves behind an unaware opponent and two flashes of electricity leave his left arm shocking his enemy and he’s out.


For those who aren’t fans of being subtle you can still run and gun your way through an area and that’s exactly what we’re shown next. We leave the previous area to see Jensen taking out his enemies with a combat rifle. Shots look smooth with noticable recoil as he takes everyone out, and now when a grenade is thrown there is a red triangle with a disappearing trail line so you can more easily follow its path. The demo ends with Jensen staring down his sights and taking out another opponent once again showing off its upgraded shooting mechanics.

During our time at E3, there were a few other notable and welcomed changes shown off. Now moving from cover to cover seems like a smoother experience; a line from your current position and where you’ll end up next is shown and with a push of a button you make your way there. Another new and welcomed change is to Smart Vision; ow when used–and presumably after its been upgraded–you can see the enemy’s kit. Whatever they’re holding is now shown on the screen, eliminating the need to take out every person while looking for a keycard or something. Lastly, a small but nice change is the experience bar; whenever an action is completed the experience bar, located at the very top of the screen, re-appears and updates with the points you’ve received and shows how close you are to the next upgrade.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s alpha build demo showed off some very nice and new options at Jensen’s disposal, and it still looks and feels like Human Revolution. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided does not have a release date as of yet, but will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.