E3 2015: Does Kingdom Hearts III Reference ‘Lost’?

During Square Enix’s E3 Press Conference, viewers were treated to a gameplay trailer of Kingdom Hearts III (shocking, right?). Although this new trailer didn’t have to much to offer besides the reveal of the first Disney-themed world, which is based on Tangled, and some new moves for Sora. However before the gameplay gets started, the first thing we were shown was a cut-scene clip that was nothing short of vague. Viewers and fans of the long running franchise were excited nonetheless, which is to be expected when it comes to a title of this magnitude.


The opening of the trailer shows an eerily familiar scene that will surely ring a bell for any fans of ABC’s television series Lost. The scene opens with two people sitting across from one another as they have a conversation that appears to have two meanings, one pertaining to events that will or have already unfolded and one symbolizing a story involving the conflict between light and darkness. The two players are nameless, although one of them looks like a young Xehanort and the other might possibly be a young Eraqus, with nothing to distinguish between the two of them other than the color of their clothing. One of them wears White clothing, to symbolize light, and the other wears Black clothing, to symbolize darkness, or, in Lost terminology, The Man in White and The Man in Black.

The meaning of the game they are playing, whether it is Chess or Senet, is  that the other “players” in their real-life game are their pawns in the battle between light and darkness. Further comparisons between the two can be likened to the television series Lost; while playing the game, the Man in Black told Jacob (the Man in White) that he couldn’t move sideways because it was “against the rules.” Jacob then questioned the authority of the rules, as they were a matter of debate between them. Jacob was told that he would have to follow them for now; one day he could make up his own game, and then everyone would have to follow his rules (this can be seen in Season 6, Episode 15 of the show). The same goes for the Kingdom Hearts III trailer, as the character in black says, “Darkness shall prevail and Light will expire. The future, it’s already been written,” to which the character in white replies, “Who’s to say I can’t change it?”


Although, theses are two separate franchises, they share a lot of elemental and figurative story comparisons if this trailer is to be believed. Hopefully Kingdom Hearts III won’t bring a conclusion as disappointing as that of Lost, though we’re likely going to have to wait quite a while to find that out.