E3 2015: RIGS: Mechanized Combat League Should Excite Morpheus Gamers

Guerrilla Cambridge has announced their first ever virtual reality game at E3 2015, let that sink in for a bit. RIGS: Mechanized Combat League is a sci-fi arena combat vehicle title featuring swiftly responsive mechs. Players take the role of a pilot who has control over a mech and is essentially using it to become a future sports icon. The game will be made specifically for Morpheus VR on the PlayStation 4, and it’s currently slated to be a part of the headset’s launch lineup in 2016.

Piers Jackson and Tom Jones discussed their upcoming virtual reality title today at E3, making today the first time official details have been revealed outside of the Sony E3 Press Conference. The game is set fifty years in the future, and the developers are colliding elements of shooting, sports, high-end cars; by crushing these elements together, Guerrilla Cambridge is hoping to create a new exciting eSport that is filled with superstars battling for glory. RIGS is a competitive shooter that is seeking, first and foremost to be fun and push the boundaries on the Morpheus. What’s more, it will toss out the traditional slow-paced war mechs seen in countless titles and use mech suits that are more agile and speedy so that players can make their way through the arenas in faster and more intuitive ways.


They way players will direct their mechs in RIGS will be quite different from what we’ve traditionally seen in the first-person shooter genre. Instead, the player will be “looking” in the direction they want to head and then push the analog stick forward, sending them in that direction. Wherever the player’s head is focused is where their mech’s guns will be pointing at, which, when combined with tight shooting mechanics, should make for an exciting and novel experience.

The game modes in RIGS will be filled with team based games that Guerrilla Cambridge wants to feel like futuristic versions of traditional sports. Each mode will feature three players on each team, meaning that players can coordinate their defense and attacking better, according to the development team. In the game there will be no death, as it is a sports game, so when rigs take too much damage, players are then ejected from the mech in a amazing sequence that should blow gamers away through the power of VR. After, players are able to look down into the arena and choose a location they wish to respawn before he player is flown to the location and descends back into their new rig.

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League currently doesn’t have a release date, but it will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and Project Morpheus when it does launch.