E3 2015: Preparing for a New Challenger in Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V is set to improve upon Street Fighter IV in some big ways, and was on the floor for the first time yet at a trade show. Birdie and Cammy are officially announced for the roster. Birdie has largely been in the Alpha series, so this will be his first mainline series game since the series broke out with Street Fighter II. The goal was to give the roster more diversity, and he’s a pretty unique-looking character. Birdie has gained a lot of weight in the stomach region since the Alpha game, and has a tuft of chest hair that looks somewhat unsightly. Birdie’s chains are back, and his skin tone has been lightened up a bit. He’s a bit of a slob, with a penchant for scratching himself in an idle animation. Gameplay-wise, new parries have been added to the V system and it allows you to get a bit of an edge if you’re you’re in bad shape.


The game is being created not only for high-end players, but also novices who just want to enjoy the game on a more casual level and have fun with it and give the maximum amount of players the chance to get hooked on the game. The V triggers enable you to execute V-Skills with only two button presses, and the gameplay is being crafted with aggressive players in mind. The V-Skills system gives each character a bit of a boost or aid in some way. Birdie can eat a banana peel and throw it on the floor, or knock back an energy drink and roll the can to take an opponent out of their corrent animation.


Scarfing down a donut will give him a bit of a power boost. Cammy keeps her regular attacks, while the spin knuckle is a V-Skill and gives you the ability to pass through projectiles and force her way into an offensive position from what would usually be a defensive situation. It’s a shame that so little has been shown with the new characters, but that could all change soon enough. The game comes out in the spring of 2016, but if you pre-order the game, you can begin playing it in beta form on July 23. It’s a PS4 exclusive for the summer, but the PC will get a Street Fighter V beta in the fall.