E3 2015: Rare Replay Says Out with the New, In with the Old

Rare has been developing video games for a number of decades now, with every title giving the company more and more recognition. From the early days of R.C. Pro-Am all the way to Viva Piñata and so much more in-between, Rare has been a major contributor to the industry.

During this years’ Electronic Entertainment Expo, Rare came up with a pretty big announcement; like 30th anniversary big. They will be releasing thirty of their most iconic video games altogether for $30.00, a rare deal indeed. The bundle is called Rare Replay and it’s to show off Rare’s wide genre of games throughout their history. They want fans to relive beat’em ups like Battletoads and sport games such as Slalom.


There may be a few games you’ve never heard of, but every gamer recognizes the classics. Banjo-KazooiePerfect Dark, and Killer Instinct Gold are all included in Rare Replay. It’ll be such a surprise when you realize how many titles Rare has worked on. But, hardcore fans will notice the absence of some of their big hits such GoldenEye 007 and Donkey Kong 64. This is because Rare wants to show off characters and titles belonging to them, the ones that best represent the brand.

Not only are you receiving a number of wonderful games, but there’s so much more included in the deal. Rare has put together a few mini game challenges to play with, leader boards for some of those, some Gamerscore achievements and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage at the studio. The documentary footage is a really cool sign of appreciation toward fans. We’ll see the makings of Banjo-Kazooie and even games that were never released. It’s like you’re getting a personal tour of the Rare headquarters.

rare replay

Now, just because Rare Replay is full of old games, does not mean you shouldn’t pick it up. You’re getting 30 fabulous games for half the price of one great game. It will be available for Xbox One on August 4, a time when there aren’t many games scheduled to launch. Rare Replay is definitely a lot to look forward to.