E3 2015: XCOM 2 Wants to Be the Only Game You Play

The fact that XCOM 2 is going to feature procedurally generated maps is downright terrifying.

Think about it: this is the followup to a title in XCOM: Enemy Unknown (and its popular expansion XCOM: Enemy Within) that players are still playing the ever loving crap out of to this day. What’s more, the sheer amount of playtime being logged on the previous title by gamers around the world is being done on a finite level of areas. If you remove the limits of a game that already seems limitless, what’ll happen to the lives of those who play it?

There are countless fans of the series that swear by the turn-based strategy giant, and for good reason: XCOM practically defines this entire genre. Games like Massive Chalice and Invisible, Inc. lean heavily on Firaxis’ take on the popular franchise, and it’s shocking to think what turn-based strategy games would look like if XCOM ceased to exist. Now that every map is procedurally generated, the chance that certain gamers will give up on playing the rest of 2015’s titles, and a great deal of 2016’s games as well, is better than the chance that Splatoon will make you both a kid now and a squid now. Combine the wonders of constantly shifting level layouts with the unique animations, new enemy types, a fascinating new story in which Firaxis assumes you lost in Unknown and a handful of new mechanics, and it’s easy to see why XCOM 2 has all the makings of being the best PC exclusive of the year.

xcom 2

Of course, it wouldn’t be a demonstration of XCOM 2 without footage of the bizarrely hypersexualized Viper-woman that was revealed earlier this year, though all of the controversy with her character design will slowly fade away when players see the destruction that she has the potential to cause. Vipers will have the ability to use their tongues to sling players over to their respective spaces, which is emblematic of the dynamism that XCOM 2 will bring to the table. Turn-based titles often feel like they suffer from the plague of  being too static, but Firaxis is hoping to blend the lines between real-time and turn-based gameplay while still maintaining its feet firmly in the latter camp.

XCOM 2 is set to release exclusively this November, so if you aren’t busy exploring post-apocalyptic Boston, you might want to block off the next six months of your life.