E3 2015: Xenoblade Chronicles X Wows

Xenoblade Chronicles X has looked impressive since it was first shown off. The successor to the Wii, and now New 3DS game showcased some of the biggest monsters yet in a Wii U game. Day three of E3 gave us a bigger glimpse into what to expect when Xenoblade Chronicles X finally launches. Ali Rapp showed off some of the story and we got to see English text in the game for the first time. Until now, the all-Japanese text made folks worry about how things were progressing. Showing off subtitled dialogue means that the translation is at least progressing nicely, although the text could use some work. The white text with black trim is a bit small, and it all blended in far too much with the grey floors. Heart to heart quests were detailed, and they’ll show off some character backstory and build up relationships between characters. You’ll go through new Los Angeles and try to find parts of the White Whale ark to rebuild it.

Wii U - Xenoblade Chronicles X Video Showcase.mp4_snapshot_05.23_[2015.06.18_15.04.48]

There are five continents in the game, with forest, water, mountains, and different items and enemies in each. Exploration will be rewarded, and made easier. Skells will be unlocked through exploration throughout the world and allow you to transform into the mech, while nav balls can be used to find things in the world easier than you would otherwise. Not using it could be like finding a needle in a haystack, while the nav ball gives you a more direct route. Hover mode lets you see what land mases you can explore. You may need a skell to reach there, or going there could lead to certain doom due to it being full of enemies that are too much for you. When you find things in the world that you’re looking for, gold text will appear above them and you’ll hold the A button to check that item off your list.

The game is being designed to be enjoyed by both series veterans and newcomers, which is good since the first is currently limited to a New 3DS release and a latter-day Wii release. It would make sense for Nintendo to make Xenoblade Chronicles a pre-order bonus akin to the original Bayonetta being included with Bayonetta 2. Those aiming for a more passive experience can do so just by roaming throughout the world, but you’ll want to engage in combat to level up and make sure that you can at least fairly battle some of the enemies in the world.

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Battle cry is a feature that allows you to bark out orders, and doing so at the right time will either result in more health or more damage depending on just what the battle cry is. If you don’t have a lot of time to put into the game, you can just spend as much time with it as possible. Only having 20 hours to work with it instead of something like 200 will still result in a rewarding experience.The gamepad is used to show you where more powerful enemies are, where areas are that can be mined for resources, or see where incomplete missions are located so you can cross them off your list. You can customize what battle cries are issued and just what perks are released when they’re executed properly. Working well with party members will impact the story and affect the long-term nature of the game. The game is currently scheduled for a December 4, 2015 release, so there’s still time for details to emerge about its gameplay and any early bird bonuses.