E3 2015: Astro Gaming Brings Top Tier Headsets to Xbox One

Astro Gaming is one of the leading minds in the audio world, at least for video games. While they’ve supported systems that are easily accessible, the Xbox One has been a challenge due to its unique proprietary connections that only they use. That changes with the introduction of Astro Gaming’s two latest headsets: the A40 and the A50. These are the solution for every Xbox One gamer, allowing those who want true, high fidelity sound quality to get it, while not paying thousands of dollars for a sound system.

The Astro A40 was one of the major devices Astro Gaming was showcasing at the event last week. This is a wired headset for the Xbox One that features the company’s ever so sleek design and comfortable over-the-ear ear cups. It functions similar to some of Astro Gaming’s top tier headsets, but the company has had to make modifications for it to work with the Xbox One. While the newly revamped controller will be able to plug-in and play through the 3.5mm jack, Astro Gaming’s MixAmp technology has been converted so the best sound quality will be available for the Xbox One. Instead of having a MixAmp controller to the side, the MixAmp M80 plugs right into the bottom of the device, allowing players to have control of the sound and channels right at their fingertips. Having got some time with the A40, it feels right in line with what we’d expect from Astro Gaming, both in comfort and sound quality. It certainly helps that it supports interchangeable speaker tags and an interchangeable microphone.

The Astro A50, as the name suggests, is a slightly higher model than the A40. This is mainly because this is an entirely wireless headset for the Xbox One. It features pitch perfect Dolby Digital 7.1 Surround Sound, an easily adjustable headband, 5.8GHZ wireless technology through Astro’s wireless MixAmp, a detachable and interchangeable microphone, and a sleek, elegant design. It also features 48 Ohms Nominal Impedance and a weight of merely 363g, which is the perfect light weight for a wireless device such as this. The wireless connectivity is supported through Astro Gaming’s AG1 cable that, like the MixAmp M80, plugs directly into the bottom of the Xbox One controller, but goes to a wireless dongle.

The big question is what these headsets will run gamers back. The Astro A40 is the cheaper model due to its wired connectivity, and with the M80 device, it will run players back $200. The Astro A50 is another story. The beefy, wireless headset will set hardcore gamers back $300m but will also come with the MixAmp TX, the AG1 wireless connector and a spiffy display stand to present to the world. These two headsets could quite possibly be the best solution for those wanting an Xbox One headset, allowing easily accessible controls and some of the best sound quality available.


Astro Gaming is coming ahead on top at E3 this year, offering some of the most impressive gaming headsets on the market. These are a little more on the pricier side, running between $200 and $300, but it’s apparent that the company isn’t slacking in bringing the best audio quality to the system. With sleek designs, gorgeous sound and highly customizable functions, Astro Gaming’s A40 and A50 are things of beauty.