RONIN Jumps From Early Access June 30

In one of the fastest exits from Early Access yet, RONIN is just about done the polishing phase of its existence and ready to go for the full release.  It entered Early Access at the end of May, and now it’s ready to finish up after a tiny bit more than a month of feedback and updates.  The plan was always to get in and get out quick, but even so that’s a pleasantly quick turnaround.

So what’s new since I first got a look at RONIN back at PAX East?  A lot of little things and a couple of huge ones.  Every level has a set of bonus objectives but now they exist for more than just bragging rights.  Every level completed with all three bonus goals met earns a skill point to spend on an ability upgrade, some of which need to be earned by filling the attack-combo bar and others that are situation based.  You can never go wrong dropping a noose around the neck of an unsuspecting guard while hiding in the shadows of the ceiling, after all, but it’s an ability you’ll need to earn.  The change to the skill system was there in the initial Early Access release, though, and the rest of the updates have been more about tweaking the game based on feedback.  That process is just about over, though, and on June 30 RONIN will saunter out of the Early Access shadows and carve its bloody spot as a full release.