E3 2015: Gigantic Has Colossal Promise

MOBAs are becoming an increasingly popular genre lately. It could now be described as the most popular genre with DOTA2 and League of Legends just dominating the eSports scene, but that may be attributed to a lack of true competition. It seems like development studio Motiga is looking to get in the game with their upcoming Xbox One and Windows 10 title, Gigantic. We were able to get our hands on three different play sessions at E3 this year, going head to head with a variety of different character classes.

Gigantic puts players in an arena based action scenario where two teams need to battle it out while encroaching on a base. There’s a bit of a twist to the gameplay element, though, not really seen in many titles as, while you kill enemies and take over land, it opens up the ability to attack a core base. Instead of some base that needs to be protected, it’s a “Gigantic” Guardian is introduced. This Guardian will occasionally move up on the battlefield and aid the team against their attackers, but if the opposing team takes over too many sections of the map, it will leave your guardian vulnerable. Depending how balanced each team becomes, there might be a skirmish near the end of the match where the two guardians meet in the middle and all hell breaks loose. It’s a really interesting way to structure the map, having to guard this gigantic beast while trying to eliminate the other team’s guardian.

At the current moment, there are sixteen announced heroes to play as. During our time, we elected to go with Voden and Vadasi. Voden is a beast-like creature that’s equipped with a powerful bow and arrow. Due to the camera being an over the shoulder, third person shooter, and how fast the game is paced, Voden’s abilities with the bow and arrow are a little more challenging. He does have the ability to poison his enemies, though, not to mention put down healing ponds. Vadasi on the other hand is entirely a supporting character as she has the ability to heal allies with her Ray of Judgement. This will also damage enemies, but her offensive abilities are more separated in her Smite and Devotion abilities. She’s a little less mobile than someone like Voden, but very good for aiding others. Among the two, I enjoyed my time with Voden a little more only because of how much more offensive he is. If he gets stuck in the middle of a battle, he can escape fairly easy, while Vadasi has to hope someone else finds a way to agro the enemies.

There’s a ton more to choose from, though, from those with close ranged attacks, to those who spout magic from their staff. There’s a high variety of characters to cycle through, and it’ll come down to mastering a specific few. Similar to other MOBAs, characters will need to level up mid match, based on how many people they kill and whether or not they aided in taking over sections of the map. By doing this, this unlocks stronger attacks to choose from, which in general is just selecting between two different traits per ability. It’s pretty straight forward but those versed in how the game is played will have a specific set they know they’re going to use.

Gigantic has a massive amount of promise, but has also a lot to prove. It’s an arena based brawler that has sixteen heroes fighting it out while a guardian is in the back boosting morale. Combat feels fresh and highly diverse, with each individual having their own unique abilities and traits. It’s a fast paced and highly entertaining product that hopefully ships with more maps and far more guardians to choose from. Gigantic will be available sometime this holiday season for Xbox One and Windows 10.