E3 2015: Rainbow Six Siege Looks to be the Definitive Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six Siege is Ubisoft Montreal’s reboot of the Rainbow Six franchise. Only scheduled for release on current-gen consoles, Ubisoft is looking to give fans of the series a breath of fresh air and start with something completely new.

We saw and experienced some intense gameplay during our time with Rainbow Six Siege. Before we took the controllers ourselves, we watched intently as the developers played out the scenario before us — literally and figuratively as there was only one available — on the game’s hardest difficulty. The most intriguing part, however, was when Ubisoft started talking about the game’s added PVE element and how it will work.

If you’re a Rainbow Six fan and you’ve been burned out of multiplayer and the possibly added single-player campaign just wasn’t enough, you can play out PVE scenarios with four other people.

These scenarios will work out as so:

  1. Ubisoft’s Siege Generator will mix and match all of the variables in the game in an attempt to always create an authentic experience.
  2. One of the 11 worldwide locations will be randomly chose along with whether or not it will take place during the day or night.
  3. Of the four game modes that will be available it will randomly choose which side you’ll be on and which you’ll be playing.
  4. Objective locations will randomly spawn along with preset fortifications for you or the computer.
  5. Enemy AI will spawn and react and adapt to your every decision ensuring that each match will be different from the last.

Keeping with the last point, Ubisoft is also touting it’s strongest AI to date. In a series known for its strategy, they don’t want the game to become another Call of Duty clone where running and gunning is the best and only available option. The AI in Rainbow Six Siege will be intelligent and offer up a challenge if you plan to play on the hardest difficulty. Even if you plan on playing on normal the enemy will still change tactics depending on what you’re doing always creating another obstacle.

There’s still much to be seen from Ubisoft Montreal and
Rainbow Six Siege’s development. With the game’s launch a mere few months away and major work still being done, it’ll be interesting to see how this title turns out. Rainbow Six Siege is scheduled to release October 13 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.