E3 2015: Total War: Warhammer Dropped Our Jaws

It’s a match made in heaven. Ever since Sega purchased the Warhammer license from THQ after they went under, fans have been anticipating the integration into the Total War series for quite some time now, but we won’t have to wait much longer. Creative Assembly, best known for the Total War franchise and the recent Alien: Isolation, is working on bringing the space fantasy aspects of Warhammer into their highly strategic world of RTS warfare. Granted, the video game adaptations of Warhammer 40,000 have in the past been fairly strategic, but never to the level Total War has to offer.

At E3 this year, we were able to sit down on a lengthy presentation for Total War: Warhammer, demonstrating some of the gameplay elements you can expect in the upcoming RTS. It should be noted that this game looks absolutely beautiful. The level of detail that’s seen on each enemy troop is astonishing, especially considering Creative Assembly has made it so that enemy equipment is somewhat randomized so you rarely see the same two enemies next to one another. There’s also a high volume of different types of classes to choose from, making the battlefields in Warhammer livelier than ever before.


There are two sides to the battle: orks and humans. You have the standard infantry in the front lines that will battle it out by traditional means, but then there are those who are mounted on creatures such as griffins, wolves and boars that are a little stronger and can deal far more damage. There are stronger generals and officers who ride flying mounts such as griffins and dragons, and they have the ability to decimate a good deal of enemies with unique moves, such as grabbing an enemy, flying into the sky, and dropping them on their head. On the orks and goblin side of things, there are grander classes such as trolls, which are just these massive, hulking beasts that come equipped with a large club, but on the downside they’re much slower than your traditional classes.

There are also catapults that can be used on the human side of things, along with more ranged individuals using bow and arrows. The orks have their own means of long range ballistics, though, as they will strap their own men into a catapult and hurl it at the opposing side. Maybe not the smartest technique, but it does have an effect. This wouldn’t be Warhammer without a bit of magic, though, as there are Shamans and Wizards that can just wipe out entire squads of enemies with a single spell. It’s actually a little scary the amount of damage they can do, but I assume they are a dime a dozen because of this. Finally, there are hero type classes that can run through anything put in front of them, taking out squads of enemies without any worry in the world, while at the same time rivaling the other force’s strongest classes.

Total War: Warhammer is utter chaos in the best way possible. The demo we were presented at E3 this year wasn’t enough for us; we wanted more. It blew us away how intense these battles can become, creating something straight out of fantasy films such as The Lord of the Rings. Unfortunately, no release date has been given for this PC exclusive, but if it’s anywhere near what we got a glimpse at, Warhammer and Total War fans should be jumping for joy.