The Swindle Skulking From the Shadows July 28

One of the better surprises way back at PAX East in March was hidden away on a single station in Team 17’s booth.  The Swindle may not have gotten the same traffic it might have seen in the Indie Megabooth, but seeing as it’s four months later and I still want to play it again I’ll have to say it made a lasting impression.  (Matt liked it too, and you should read his more detailed impressions here.)  You’re a  mastermind who’s hired a thief to break into procedurally-generated buildings, smacking down its clockwork-mechanical guards, hacking the security system, and trying to escape with as much loot as possible without tripping the alarm.  Unlike many games of this sort, though, it’s more action than stealth, so if you do get caught it’s still possible to make a break for it.  Possible isn’t the same as easy, though, and once you’re dead it’s back to the airship to hire a new thief to do your dastardly bidding.  It’s worryingly easy to get attached when you’ve survived a few missions with the same character, so the penalty of death isn’t just a momentary setback but an actual tinge of sadness you won’t be couldn’t bring your thief home.

Thankfully, the long wait for another turn is just about over seeing as the not-quite-sole-developer Dan Marshall announced on Twitter today that The Swindle is coming out July 28.  He also posted a short let’s-play video wherein we get to see that talking and gaming are actually very difficult.  Fortunately I’m just planning on playing it, so maybe I’ll get to live just a bit longer.  Based on my PAX East experience it doesn’t seem likely, but it’s always good to dream.