Hardcore Gamer’s Best of E3 2015 Awards

What an E3. Even though many of this year’s games were (regrettably) revealed days prior to the show, there were still huge surprises that nobody saw coming as well as strong showings from those aforementioned titles. Now that we’re progressing further away from the launch of this generation’s consoles, this year’s show marked the first in awhile that truly felt centered on games and games only. And boy were there a lot of them.

We went through the trenches at E3 to bring you back coverage for practically everything that was on the show floor. Of course none of that matters if there aren’t clear winners, so we’ve put our heads together and awarded the very best E3 2015 had to offer.

* Day One: Conference, Remaster Surprise*

* Day Two: Graphics, Tech, Trailer*

* Day Three: Platform Awards*

* Day Four: Fighter, Sports, Platformer, Indie, Adventure*

* Day Five: Action, RPG, Shooter, Racing*

* Day Six: Game of Show*