Man Completes Pre-Order Payment for Fallout 4 in Bottle Caps

Since news made its way through the internet about a man attempting to pay for Fallout 4 in bottle caps everyone knew he would succeed.

Seth’s favorite game for a while was Fallout 3 and made a decision 7.5 years ago to start saving up bottle caps. Seth uploaded pictures of his collection on Imgur and says that undergrad and three years of a Master’s program lead to a lot of drinking; apparently 11.2 pounds worth or approximately 2,240 bottle caps according to his count.

Don’t get too jealous though if you think Seth got away without paying anything for the game. He, and his friends who undoubtedly helped out with this effort, did have to at least buy all of these drinks and Seth did have to pay to get them shipped from his home to Maryland.

While Fallout 4 may have only cost Seth around $20 and the health of his liver you have to give the man props for going through with it. If you want to check out Seth’s post of the initial offer and his update you can do so here and here, respectively.

Fallout 4 is scheduled to release November 10 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.