INK is Coming to Steam

If you’ve heard of INK you’ve probably played the platformer on Now an expanded version of that game has been greenlit on Steam.

INK was originally a Ludum Dare 32 project created by Zack Bell. Since then Bell and Alejandro Hitti have worked together to expand upon the game and make it to Steam. In INK you start with a level that looks completely empty. Through double jumping and sliding on the walls you spread ink onto your surroundings revealing more and more of the level. You character will also spread ink onto the level upon dying and whatever you’ve revealed will stay revealed when you return.

The Steam version of INK will have following features available:

  • 80+ platforming levels
  • Challenging bosses
  • Jump on enemies to open exit portals
  • Explore levels by double jumping or dying
  • Tight and responsive controls

INK was greenlit by the community in 20 days and you can check out their page here, play the original at, and watch the trailer below to better understand what’s going on.