Star Wars Battlefront Heroes vs. Villains Mode Leaked

Thanks to the intrepid sleuths over on reddit and the poor folks over at Electronic Arts in Spain about to get a severe reprimand, we now know that the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront will more than likely be getting a “Heroes vs. Villains” mode.

I checked it out myself, and yeah, the official Spanish page for Star Wars Battlefront does indeed list “el modo Héroes contra villanos, que se anunciarán los próximos meses,” which translates to “Heroes vs Villains mode, that will be announced in the months ahead.”

In normal matches of Battlefront, players are able to unlock the use of hero or villain characters, like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, as an ephemeral bonus; there are no additional details listed on the page, but let’s assume that “Heroes vs. Villains mode” will probably let players cut to the chase and just have themselves a good ol’ fashioned duel with characters from the movies.

Given that it appears on the official game page, it’s pretty safe to declare this one buttoned up, but still, I’ve contacted EA for comment.