Amazon UK Offering a Whopping $5 for PS4 Trade-Ins

As a general rule of thumb, trading your item in directly to Amazon usually isn’t a good deal. While there’s times that they can offer fair market value for your item, most often than not you’d be much better selling it directly to a customer as a third party on the website. Even by Amazon trade-in standards, however, the deal their UK branch is offering for the PS4 is pretty low.

Those who want to sell their console directly to the retail giant will receive £3.12 (about $5 USD) for a like new model, £2.34 for a console in good condition and a whopping £0.62 for a console in mere acceptable condition.

We’re not sure why exactly the trade-in value is so low; perhaps Amazon has a surplus of the consoles and is trying to discourage trade-ins, but whatever the reason, make sure to resist the urge for the time being.

Check out the trade-in page here or scope a screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 3.01.25 PM