Armored Warfare’s Next Testing Phase Comes with Updates and Fixes

Obsidian Entertainment’s next round of testing for their upcoming tank warfare game will begin in a couple of days. Armored Warfare is free-to-play and features tank wars like you’ve never seen before. The game has been in its testing stages as of late and the third early access test comes with a lot of new updates.

If you sign-up in time for the test rounds, you’ll get to check out multiple new vehicles as well as a new battle elements. There have been adjustments to some of the older tanks such as increased or decreased reload times, view of range and power of ammunition. Matchmaking has been re-figured, maps were changed around and audio effects have been improved. Camera views, server issues and more have all been fixed for the next round.

Round three begins July 1 and ends July 14 for both North America and Europe. If you do happen to find any problems with the game just head over to the Armored Warfare forums and let team know what you found.