Batman: Arkham Knight Face-Off: PC vs. PS4

There’s a lot of talk around the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight since it arrived last week. The PC port has received so much attention and flak that Warner Bros. Interactive have actually removed all digital sales of the game until they fix what’s wrong. While the performance seems to be the biggest issue, we look wanted to take a look at the game from a visual standpoint, at least compared to the PlayStation 4 version.

There are some who are reporting weird bugs where the textures are actually worse on the PC version, but what we found has been the opposite for the most part. Most of the textures are on par with each other, but there are some where the PC version comes out on top. For example, the screenshot below where Batman is escorting Poison Ivy, you can see more detail on Batman’s chestplate, same with the vials on Scarecrow’s forearm. With that said, there’s not much difference between the maxed out Arkham Knight on PC and the PlayStation 4 version other than that and some visual clarity. A lot of it might be covered up by the depth of field, but from what we can tell, the two versions seem relatively even.

Tell us what you think. On the left side is the PC version while on the right is PlayStation 4: