Play Air Hockey and Rock Paper Scissors with Hotties in Amnesia: Memories

We recently had some time to sit down with Idea Factory to play the latest build of Amnesia: Memories. Unfortunately, it’s a visual novel and because we didn’t want to spend all day playing through it, let alone in front of them, let alone in public, let alone not in bed, we decided to head over to the mini-games. Nope, you didn’t read that wrong. Not only will Amnesia feature over twenty endings and up to twenty hours of gameplay, it will also feature mini-games. And Steamy mini-games at that.

Ok, not-so-steamy, but fun nonetheless. A variant of Rock, Paper, Scissors allows you to face off against a man of your choice and test your reflexes by attacking or defending depending upon the result. Air Hockey, on the other hand, allows you to face off against a man of your choice in the world’s deadliest game. Utilizing the touch screen, it’s surprisingly fun and addictive, and hey kind of feels like a date.

Finally, they’ll be a touching gallery which is exactly what it sounds like. Suffice it to say, we did not demo this in public.

Amnesia: Memories will be released in August 2015 for PS Vita and Steam.