Pokémon Shuffle Hitting Mobile Devices Soon

In a surprise announcement this morning, Pokémon fans get can a little taste of the action on their mobile devices. The Pokémon Company International announced their latest addictive puzzle game will be coming to Android and iOS devices soon. Pokémon Shuffle making its way to phones gives it a bigger audience than before as it was only available for 3DS. It’s been downloaded over 4 million times, so we know just how popular the Pokémon franchise is based on that alone.

We knew Nintendo was making the leap to mobile platforms in the future but it looks like some of their games are coming earlier than expected. Pokémon Shuffle is fun and will have you coming back for more no matter how hard it gets. The app will be free to download just like it is for the 3DS. If you feel like you just can’t put Pokémon Shuffle down, this is great news for you. No word yet on an official release date except sometime this year.