The Solus Project Brings Exploration and Beauty to Xbox One and PC

The PC world isn’t hurting for survival/exploration games, but console gamers have not been able to partake in this rising genre. Grip Games is one of the first developers to bring this genre to consoles with The Solus Project. A beautiful, yet deadly world awaits Xbox One and PC players who dare to step into the unknown.

The Solus Project takes place in the not too distant future. The Earth is dying, and humanity now looks towards the stars to save itself. Humanity sends a spacecraft to a new planet, but something happens and the ship crashes. You are the only survivor, and this is where the game begins.

To beat the game, you’ll need to survive and build a communications tower to signal Earth. I began my demo session by exiting the destroyed spacecraft, collecting as much water and food as I could possibly hold. Inventory space is limited so I had leave some stuff behind. I also took the time to look at my PDA, which relayed important information to me. The planet’s temperature, hydration levels, and weather are all important factors when it comes to survival on this planet.

The Solus Project 01
Stepping out of the wreckage I was given a beautiful site. The Solus Project runs on the Unreal 4 Engine and looks spectacular. The world contains five islands all interconnected by caves. Each island is like a sandbox, each with plenty of danger. The planet is the main enemy of the game, and you’ll likely die multiple times trying to beat the game. However, checkpoints aren’t super brutal as the game autosaves every time you sleep. The developers want to challenge the players, but don’t want to turn them away due to frustration.

Leaving the wreckage, I realized that a storm was incoming and I needed to find shelter. An objective marker popped up during my playthrough, but the developer told me that it was placed there for the sake of the demo. In the maingame, there will be only a few objective markers throughout the entire game. Finding a key, I was able to enter some caves and escape the oncoming meteor storm, and this is where the demo ended.

Grip Games are hard at working refining features such as crafting. Though crafting was in the demo, its implementation was rather clumsy. Grip Games also has no intention of adding any form of combat to The Solus Project. There will be enemies in the game, but they work more like a puzzle. You won’t be shooting your way out of any scenarios.

The Solus Project 02
The Solus Project
is coming to Xbox One and PC. Grip Games hopes to release the game on Steam Early Access in the fall. They’re also considering releasing The Solus Project on Xbox Game Preview should Microsoft allow it. No matter what happens, though, the game will never release on PS4. Grip Games has a strong relationship with Microsoft, and are content launching on just Xbox One and PC.

Exploration/survival games are taking off on PC and The Solus Project is coming in at the right time. It’s a beautiful game that tasks players with playing smart instead of shooting everything in sight. There aren’t any games like it on Xbox One, and even on PC its hard to find a game that does not emphasize any form of combat. I think PC and Xbox One players are in for quite the treat here.